New TH with Army Bases

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Re: New TH with Army Bases

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TankMysterSC2 wrote:
fdas wrote:
TankMysterSC2 wrote:Another thing that *could* be added in balancing THs is giving them a slight debuff when near walls. They already get set to level 1 stats and no abilities when near a turret, but this makes army bases stronger. If we applied a 5(ish)% debuff to all titan hunter abilities for each wall they are near, that could help balance them. 5% would have minimal impact outside of a base since a random wall or two to block paths won't have a significant impact on the damage of abilities, but a titan in an army base with 6-10 walls would suddenly be much less powerful.
What about a base like bot left where there is only 1 lane. You can just have 3 walls up and when the titan comes just build them as he is killing his way into your base.
Let's not worry about base-specific issues; the map is being reverted to the old one that everyone loves when titan hunters get their rework implemented.
Wait really?
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Re: New TH with Army Bases

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I also like to point out that titan hunter/army bases are not bad for the game. They just can't be too strong.
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